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COVID regulations have changed for everyone and masks are no longer mandatory in public places. Customers to our Gift Shop do not have to wear masks but we will not deter them if they prefer to do so.

We are continuing our cleaning regime to keep this virus at bay. We do hope all our visitors respect this decision and hopefully, wear masks where it’s needed when visiting our Mini-Day-Spa.
Most of our adult community might be doubled jabbed but it doesn’t stop any of us from catching or spreading COVID. Keeping this in mind, we won’t become complacent because the closure of The Green Door, even for ten days is a financial and logistical nightmare.
If you are showing any symptoms of the virus (the list is long) please let us know and don’t come in
The Beauty Team
Take Care x  ❤️
Trudi on BBC Radio Kent 2nd November talking to Anna Cookson

With a smart phone you can use your QR code reader to download the NHS Test & Trace App. Click on the link below to reveal the QR code. We now can do all of our treatments. Please read our Risk Assessment, Keeping Safe in our Mini-Day-Spa and How to correctly wash Your Hands. If there are any changes keep informed from our website or from Facebook.

We look forward in seeing you. Feel free to call:

on 01622 832413 Or 07934 874476  and, of course, you can email us as usual.