Treatments at The Green Door

The Green Door offers a range of revitalising spa and beauty therapies for both women and men. With its Chic decor, calming music and subtle Lighting, it provides a peaceful sanctuary in a busy world. Relax and enjoy complimentary refreshments in its waiting area or courtyard garden.

The friendly and highly qualified therapists offer soothing treatments that ease aches and pains, nourish your skin and restore a healthy radiance. Come and pamper yourself, or purchase a gift voucher.

Caudalie treatments

The Green Door uses Caudalie products in many of its treatments. Our therapist have been fully trained up in these French treatments by their experts.

Spa Find Treatments
We have used Spa Find products and treatments since the beginning of The Green Door Mini Spa. This local company produces great products that we love using.
Other Treatments
The Green Door Offers too many other treatments to list here but our Beauty Team are fully conversant with all that we do. So why not pop in and we can explain at first hand.
La La Lashes

LaLa Lashes

La La Lashes are inspired by the cutting edge looks, to thicken and darken your natural eyelashes and add a little bit of extra flair. These individual lashes by ‘Lash Perfect’ are of the highest quality.
Lash Perfect

Lash Perfect

Lash Perfect lashes are great for daily wearing and an active lifestyle. They are waterproof and durable. These luscious lashes are so natural that only you will ever know the difference.
Exquisite Eyes

Exquisite Eyes

Mineralizing eye contour treatment. This specialised treatment consists of a gentle eye cleanse followed
by traditional eye massage techniques that soothe all those troubles away.
Shellac Nails

Shellac Nails

The image here says it all about Shellac nails. If you need a treatment that goes on like polish but wears like a gel with zero drying time then Shellac nails are for you.
Hand Treaments

Hand Treaments

Our spa manicures improve both the texture of the skin on your hands and the condition of your fingernails. You can relax while we clean, shape and strengthen your nails.
Biosculpture nails

Biosculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture Gel is a quick, one component nail system you apply onto the nai???? without time consuming build-up process. It is self-leveling and eliminates excessive buffing.
Bikini Waxing

Bikini Waxing

We offer bikini waxing: such as the Brazilian & Hollywood. Our beauty therapists are ready to remove your unwanted hair from your body.
Swedish Massage

Scandinavian Soother

A traditional Swedish massage. This full body treatment is our unique interpretation of the classic swedish massage, tailored to the precise needs of your body in terms of muscle aches and tension areas.
Stone massage


An Hawaiian Mineral Stone spa journey. Experience peace of mind and tension release through this deeply
relaxing and stress-relieving massage journey using hot mineral stones and warm spa envelopment of the feet.
Mud Treatments

Mud Treatments

Our Mini Day Spa offers a range of distinctive body treatments that utilise mud,salt and seaweed blends to give you silky smooth skin with a healthy glow.
Spa Find Treatments

Spa Find Treatments

Skin-friendly and non-comedogenic, the Spa Find formulas blend pure de-ionised water with vitamin-rich Dead Sea minerals and organic ingredients.
Indian Head Massage


Discover clarity of mind and refreshed motivation, combining Indian Head Massage techniques with warm spa mud envelopment of the feet.
Cauldalie Treatments

Cauldalie Treatments

Specially created for skin lacking vitality and firmness. It is followed by an application of Caudalie’s Vinexpert Resveratrol-based firming products.
Feet treatments


Let us exfoliate, rehydrate and massage your hands and feet with pampering manicures and pedicures using natural botanical ingredients.


Threading hair is an ancient method commonly practiced in Eastern countries, like Egypt and India, but is becoming very popular here in the West.
male-back-massage-120x79The Works: offers a full body massage This Swedish-style massage will soothe aches and pains, relieve stress and restore your skin’s natural balance. It is perfect for men whose stressful lives have now become the norm. Commuter Cure: is the perfect back massage for those suffering from mild backache from long periods in cars, coaches or trains. The Commuter Cure involves massage of all areas of the back and neck, leaving you reinvigorated allowing you to recover from the day-to-day rat race.
Hand & nail treatment. Fab Fists will improve the texture of your hands by hydrating and nourishing the skin. This treatment also includes the cleaning, shaping and strengthening of your nails.
male-waxingYes we cater for male waxing but only eyebrows, chest and back.
Fab FistsBack, neck & shoulder massage concentrating on the tension areas around the back, neck and shoulders, Stress Buster is the ideal antidote to a week in the office.
lucky-soles-120x79Refreshing foot treatment. This therapy will be heaven for your feet. An exfoliating scrub is
followed by a soothing foot spa, foot mask and leg massage. Your cuticles are treated and your nails
cleaned and shaped.
hopi-ear-candle-treatmentHopi Ear Cleansing Ritual. Thermal auricular therapy. This relaxing, non-invasive therapy is believed to help in cleaning out excessive or compacted wax, promoting lymphatic circulation and alleviating allergic conditions.
Call us 01622 832413 for more details on back massage for men See our other male treatments from the tabs above.