Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Start at Only £5

Or make a voucher out to any treatment
Please note that are vouchers are not
redeemable against Bio Sculpture Nails

Gift Vouchers versus Gifts

For friends or loved ones? Decisions, decisions, decisions. We are offering cash vouchers ranging from £5.

Or, if you don’t wish the recipient to know how much you are spending then you can conveniently make out the voucher to one of our treatments. Just download our price list and see which treatment suits.

Order your voucher over the phone or in person. Please note, you cannot pay on-line for vouchers. If you are paying for it in person, it’s wise to add a greetings card to mark or reflect an occasion.

We stock great cards. Below are some examples. We are also adding a new Greeting cards range. These new cards are retailing for under £3 each.

Dipingo Design is a Kent based independent greetings cards company. It was established in 2010, By using timeless images in styles ranging from classical vintage to elegant modern, there Creative Director, Katy Donaldson is very proud of the designs. They are all original designs either created at their studios or on location.

They have been known to screech to a halt in the lane “if we pass a photogenic dog, or beg the loan of a vintage watering can from o neighbour.” Wherever possible they find treasures from amongst their friends and neighbours and immortalise them in one of their designs. To see more of their fab collections visit: